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The Adkins Association Inc. focuses on maintaining long-term personal relationships with their clients. How? By being a client's first and most accessible resource for design, support, and information for the life of their facility. We help people manage their buildings. If there's a problem, they call us first.

The Design Process Can Be Very Fluid.

  • Design can begin at any phase of the building process:
  • Business Plan
  • Site Selection
  • Drawings
  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration
  • Commissioning
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation and Monitoring

It also can even include prototype design for second party incorporation into the site and facility. During design, the program conveys the wants and needs of the client. 

Experienced personnel with construction knowledge ensure a buildable product within budget constraints. Field observation helps verify the facility is built to the specified intent.

Project Profile

New Facility and Garage for Opportunity Services Byron, MN

Services Provided: Site selection, site plan review, programming, interior and exterior design update refresh, bidding format construction drawings, construction administration.

The Challenge: To keep up with demand Olmstead County required additional facilities for these services. A refresh of colors to enhance psychological responses was needed as well as an update to space programming and floor plan. A site large enough for a bus garage was required to lower maintenance and vandalism costs as well as staging for trip ready vehicles.

The Solution: Predesign the site plan to assist the owner with the property purchase. Create newer functional floor plan and entrance associated with processing and interviews. Enlarge previous outdoor patio sizes to accommodate larger events. Create an aesthetically matching but less costly option for the new exterior garage. Rework color and finish selections to create a more calming, less stimulating environment.

Opportunity Services
Opportunity Services Overhead Doors

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