Elevator Addition & Modernization

With the passage of new code requirements, the existing elevator equipment is outdated and non-compliant. More importantly, it may be dangerous! Therefore, replacing all operating equipment and controls and ensuring adequate access, life safety, and ventilation to these areas is critical.

Elevator Shaft Safety Requirements

Older shafts require an inspection to ensure they have the proper fire ratings and seals at the penetrations. A visual inspection is performed from on top of the cab and is documented for the full height of the shafts. Throughout this process, we work closely with our elevator experts and consultants.

ADA Compliance

With the control changes and updates to ADA requirements interior elevator cabs require new accessories, thus updating the interior finishes if desired. 


Finishes are typically specific to items that lend themselves to the elevator cab’s installation functionality and conforming to a maximum weight allowance. From the user’s point of view, we strive to provide a fresh design at elevator lobbies and interior elevator cabs, which exemplifies our client’s color themes, logos, mission, or marketing presence.

Project Profile

Elevator Additions, Upgrades and Modernization

Services Provided: Site plan and review, code review, programming, schematic design, interiors, special construction, construction documents, project costs and construction administration, and observation.

The Challenge: Existing elevators are often outdated from a code, equipment age and interior finishes. A need for modernized equipment and controls while maintaining service and upgrading fire protection.

The Solution: Intensive surveys are conducted of existing equipment, cab size and elevator room conditions. Including power, ventilation, and cooling. Elevator lobbies are also reviewed. Fire protection is coordinated which involves car inspection of existing shaft for life safety compliance. A staging and phasing plan to satisfy operation requirements is created and reviewed. Contract documents are then created for bid which include new cab and lobby finishes. Construction administration involves shaft review and periodic equipment installation observations.


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