Mission Critical

Mission-critical facilities require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted essential services that enable business organizations to operate. If these operations are interrupted, the results could range from loss of revenue to legal non-conformity, and in extreme cases, loss of life.

Data centers, airport control towers, hospitals, laboratories, stadium broadcast facilities, public safety centers, call centers, and military installations are just a few of the many types of buildings that could be considered mission-critical.

  • Network Centers
  • Telephone Exchange Buildings
  • Administration Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Disaster Recovery Centers
  • SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities
  • SOC Security Operations Centers

Past Mission-Critical Projects

Building Additions (Telephone Exchanges)

  • Multiple Buildings located in the Midwest and Western states.

Remodeling Projects (Telephone Exchanges)

  • Multiple Buildings located in the Twin Cities Metro Area and all over the Midwest

Generator Projects (300 – 5000 KW)

  • Generator Installation (Multiple Sites)

Administration Remodeling Projects

  • Dex YP
  • Master Planning
  • Maplewood Central Office
  • Midway Central Office
  • Minneapolis Main Downtown
  • Minneapolis Training Center
  • Anoka Central Office
  • Market Street Towers

Other Projects

  • Reroofing (hundreds of projects in multiple states)
  • Exterior Envelope Surveys
  • ADA Facility Surveys
  • Building Restorations
  • Chiller Upgrades
  • Keying Systems
  • Parking Lot Study/Restorations
  • Roof Surveys
  • Wireless Projects
  • Generator and Roof Top Noise Abatements

Project Profile

Lumen Minneapolis 1st Floor Remodel and Lobby Refresh

Services Provided: Forensic reports, investigative survey reports, destructive testing, site staging and phasing, demolition and deconstruction masonry restoration, HVAC design, programming, process plans implementation, and bid format construction drawings. Special systems design with full time observation and mission critical precautions and emergency response.

The Challenge: The telepresence, sales and conference center required relocation, technology updates and modern design as it was being relocated to the main Minneapolis facility. This project included phases to modernize the elevators and replace the non-functioning escalators with a grand staircase to the second-floor skyway.

The Solution: Create phased construction to allow continued access to adequate elevator banks and skyway while equipment updates and modernization occur. The finishes were chosen to be modern “technological” while respecting the historic art deco portion of the lobby. The theme was continued throughout the 1st Floor Lobby in newer portions of the building and up to the skyway.

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