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We tailor-make our team to meet your project’s needs based on each team member’s specialty. Our engineers are sub-consultants we trust and rely on because of their performance and expertise in their field.

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Project Profile

USPS Lake Street and Minnehaha Stations Emergency Quarters

Services Provided: Site selection, site plan review, acquisition assistance, fitment and schematic plans, fast track build out, new site selection and planning, complete construction documents, restoration sequence and drawings, stabilization and mothballing services.

The Challenge: The existing facilities were burned down and out of commission. The USPS needed temporary facilities in the general area to continue local mail delivery and customer services.

The Solution: We worked with the USPS and the city of Minneapolis to utilize the city owned former KMART building for temporary facilities.  The building demolition was delayed by the city to accommodate operations until new facilities could be rebuilt.  During this process new sites and reuse of existing locations and facilities were reviewed. New construction documents were in progress to accommodate the future construction including city reviews.

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