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We create plans and gather design requirements for new structures. We also design alterations or repairs to existing buildings and structures. As a result, we can improve and change the style and look of your project while still adhering to all building requirements and codes.

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Project Profile

Little Sisters of the Poor - Multiple Projects

Services Provided: Envelope Investigation and Repair, Reroofing, HVAC Upgrades, Additions, Space Remodeling and Refresh.

The Challenge: The existing facilities had failing roofs, continual leaking, and movement of exterior stucco. Care plans and methods have evolved requiring updated accommodations including HVAC standards to eliminate airborne contamination and odors. Needs and requirements are continually changing for residents and families.

The Solution: The 6-story exterior envelope was forensically investigated to discover the exterior stucco was installed with dynamically unrecoverable movement and the existing windows were not commercial rated. A long-term air and water barrier EIS system was installed and tied into a new 50 year built-up roof design controlling movement, water and air leakage and adding r value. This in turn allowed better pressurization and air control for the new HVAC system. Air systems were replaced, and remodeling occurred to update nurses’ stations, resident rooms, and specialized areas. Later projects addressed the aging boiler and piping throughout. Other remodels due to ever changing needs include, clinic update and remodel, chapel remodel, courtyard infill with atrium, beauty salon, store, coffee bar and mailbox center, and a refresh to the attached senior apartments, which were originally designed by The Adkins Association Inc.

Little Sisters Of The Poor
Little Sisters Of The Poor

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